Feeling stiff or sore after waking up or working long hours during the day?

Then this 10 minute Yoga routine for flexibility will help you out! It makes a great morning yoga practice to stretch stiff or sore muscles as well as a great evening yoga flow to unwind from the day.

It will help you open up your hamstrings and hips, stretch the side body and provide some movement for all major parts of the body, so that you feel comfortable & relaxed inside & out. 

You don’t need any props for this class, but if you have it you can use one block.

These poses are a collection from my most recent video on YouTube. CLICK on the video above if you would like to take the full 10 minute practice alongside with me.

1. Table Top

We begin in table pose on all fours, taking the hips over the knees and the shoulders over the wrists. The spine is parallel to the ceiling. Land on your mat, take 3 deep conscious breaths into your lungs. Eyes are closed. 

2. Cat & Cow

Adding in some movement, curl your toes under and ripple into your cow pose, feeling the lift in your heart. Exhale, round for your cat pose, lengthen the tailbone to the space between your knees.

Repeat 3-5 more times. 

3. Downdog

Curl the toes under, keeping the knees bend at first, to press back into your dog pose. Send your chest to your thighs, spread wide through all your fingers. The knuckles of each finger presses firmly into the mat. 

Next start to lower one heel and then the other heel to the ground, enjoying the stretch in the back of the legs. 

4. Low Lunge

Step or carry your right leg forward in between your hands for a low lunge. The left knee comes down to the ground. On your inhale reach your arms up. Think of greeting your new day with a smile, to invite in positive energy!

6. Low Lunge with a Side Bend

Take your right hand either to your hip or on a block. Inhale find length in your spine first and exhale to bend to the right. Spiral your chest to the sky.

Don’t forget to do the other side!

7. Wide-legged Forward Fold

From Downward Dog, step your left foot between the hands once again, turn the left toes to face towards the wide side of your mat. 

On your inhale get more length through the spine and on the exhale the heart melts down. Make sure your heels are further out than your toes (meaning they’re angled in towards one another) to also feel a stretch on the outer ankles. 

8. Butterfly Stretch

The soles of the feet come together totouch, knees go out to wide, left & right. Inhale get long and exhale to fold. Feel the hips heavy, dip the chin; back of the neck is long. 

Thank you so much for practicing with me. If you enjoyed the poses and the video, please remember to subscribe to my YouTube Channel.




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