Do you want to relieve tension or pain in your feet & ankles?

This is one of my favorite meditations. I use it all the time, as it is easy, quick and so effective in relieving any kind of stress, anxiety or tension.

It’s a very easy 5 minute meditation with a breathing exercise, that’s great for beginners who never tried meditation before or those who think that are “not good” at meditating! You can do this one as a morning meditation or an evening meditation. Once you get comfortable with the technique you can practice it on the go and even increase the length if needed!

If you’d like to see more meditation on my channel feel free to tell me! I’d be happy to introduce you to any tools and techniques that work for me.

This meditation video was released on my YouTube Channel.

CLICK on the video above if you would like to do the 5 minute experience alongside with me.

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