Start your day with some gentle & mindful morning yoga stretches!

This week’s yoga video is a gentle hatha yoga class. We work with mindful & intuitive movement, stretching out your whole upper body like your neck, shoulders, upper back and lower back. We end in a short Savasana.

It’s the perfect yoga practice for anyone who is looking for a total body stretch in a way that is gentle, calming but yet rejuvenating and personalized. You don’t need any props for this class, but if you have some don’t hesitate to make use of them!

These poses are a collection from my most recent video on YouTube. CLICK on the video above if you would like to take the full 15 minute practice alongside with me.

1. Neck Stretch

Come to a crossed legged seat if that’s comfortable for you. Both hands rest on the thighs. Inhale find length in your spine and then gentle let your right ear come to your right shoulder. 

Hold for 3-5 Breaths and then switch sides.

2. Seated Side Stretch

Inhale to lift your right arm up to the sky, get a little taller. On your exhale bend to the left with your left palm pressing into the mat. Spiral your chest towards the ceiling.

Take 5 deep breaths here and don’t forget the other side. 

3. Cat/Cow

From table top pose, on hands and knees, firm your abs up and in, inhale drop the belly lift the gaze and on the exhale let your head drop; back of the neck long; look into yourself. Inhale broaden across the chest and exhale all the air out of the body as you round. Take a few more rounds on your own. 

6. Child’s Pose

Keep the knees together, fold forward and let your forehead rest to the back of your hands or down to the floor.
As you breathe in, imagine you could widen your low back with your breath and as you breathe out, let the bones of your body drop down.

7. Seated Twist

Extend your legs out in front of you. Bring your right knee in towards your chest and cross it over your left thigh. Breathe in and reach your arms up to find length first. Exhale using your core strength to come into the twist. Hug and hold on to the right knee with your left arm and place your right palm back behind you.

8. Knee to Chest

Lay down on your back and pull both knees into your chest, holding on to your hands or elbows. Stay still or invite in some gentle rocking motion from side to side to massage your lower back.

8. Savasana

Extend both legs out & let them relax completely. Both arms go out besides you. Take this moment to fully enjoy the silence & to integrate the work you’ve done. 

Thank you so much for practicing with me. If you enjoyed the poses and the video, please remember to subscribe to my YouTube Channel.




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