Are you suffering from upper or lower back pain?

This week I’m sharing with you a simple & short routine with just one yin yoga pose: a forward fold, also called ‘Caterpillar’.

It’s been my favorite yin pose for the last few years, as it’s both great to relief stress or anxiety fast AND to get rid of any upper back and lower back pain or tension. You can do this beginner-friendly yin yoga class even if you have no prior yoga experience.

No props necessary, and it is a great way for giving your spine and lower back some TLC!

This pose is taken from my most recent video on YouTube. CLICK on the video above if you would like to take the full 10 minute practice alongside with me.

Caterpillar Pose

Start by extending both legs out in front of you and let them be limb, so not active or engaged. If you’re not comfortable sitting on the ground, sit up on a block or pillow.
From here, let your upper body drape & round forward, chin into the chest. Your palms are about the level of your knees, where not trying to reach for the feet. You should immediately begin to feel a stretch somewhere along your spine. Wherever your body holds the most tension in the moment is where the stretch is going to be most intense.

Hold for at least 5 minutes and up to 10 minutes.

Thank you so much for practicing with me. If you enjoyed the poses and the video, please remember to subscribe to my YouTube Channel.




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