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What is Yin Yoga? 

Yin Yoga is a unique yoga style that is heavily influenced by Taoist principles. Yin Yoga is the yin or meditative practice that aims to balance out the yang energy in our lives. 

Although Yin Yoga uses many of the same poses as Hatha or Vinyasa yoga, the names are often different. The poses focus on the connective tissues of the body, such as fascia, tendons, and ligaments, rather than the muscles. Yin Yoga also heavily incorporates the use of props, such as blocks, bolsters, and straps, to help support the body during the practice and encourage relaxation of the muscles. 

There are 3 primary principles of Yin Yoga. The first principle is to find your edge in your practice and respect it. Secondly, practitioners should try to be still in a pose, relax their muscles, and avoid fidgeting their body. Finally, the third key principle of Yin Yoga is to hold the pose for periods of time ranging from 1 to 10 minutes, depending on the level of the student and the intensity of the pose. 

Yin Yoga and Mental Health 

Although Yin Yoga has many physical benefits, such as increased flexibility, range of motion and digestion, the mental benefits of Yin Yoga are not to be overlooked.

Yin Yoga provides practitioners with the opportunity to reduce their attachment to their deep-rooted emotions that often emerge when the body and mind are still and quiet. As your body stretches and relaxes deeper into the postures, your mind quiets down and these emotions often begin to release

Just like the principles of yin and yang, there cannot be peace without facing discomfort, pain and pleasure are two sides of the same coin. Rather than getting attached to the enjoyment or discomfort of the practice, Yin Yoga focuses on reducing attachment to these sensations so that they can slowly dissolve, which increases your internal peace.

You cannot change the ups and downs of life, you can only change your ability to withstand them, and the practice of Yin Yoga helps you to do exactly that. 

Experience the Magic ✨ 

Yin Yoga for Mental Health

Discover true transformation – change your mindset, love your life!

Using this process helped me recover from anxiety, depression and live my life from a place of being connected to wholeness & my true desires. My entire life transformed in front of my eyes. 

If you’re ready and this resonates with you, this course will change your life forever.

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If you follow through my classes, you will escape into a retreat of simplicity, refreshing positivity and great ease.

Through Yin and Hatha Yoga, combined with Meditation techniques like breath awareness and the practice of Yoga Nidra, I aim to remind my students that a simpler life is possible and to reconnect them to their inner power.

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