Deepen your backbends by increasing your shoulder and spine flexibility with this yin yoga class!

This is an intermediate to advanced yin yoga class and it is NOT appropriate for people that experience spine injuries or any health conditions that limit movement in this area!! Please only do this class if you know that your spine and low back is in a healthy condition. It’s extremely important to not go past your edge and back out of any poses that just don’t work for your body.

We will start in sphinx pose, followed by melting heart / puppy pose and end in a supported bridge. You’ll need a block or a bolster/dense pillow for this practice. If you’re working on yoga poses like full wheel, bow pose or any other back bending pose, this will help you get there!

These poses are a collection from my most recent video on YouTube. CLICK on the video above if you would like to take the full 20 minute practice alongside with me.

Thank you so much for practicing with me. If you enjoyed the poses and the video, please remember to subscribe to my YouTube Channel.




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