Do you experience tension or pain in your wrists & hands?

Then this 10 minute yoga routine is perfect for you! Most of us spend many hours during the day writing, texting or typing.

These (yin) yoga poses, held for about 2 minutes each, are great to help with your asana practice, if you struggle with poses such as downward dog or plank. It’s also perfect for anyone who uses their hands a lot by profession, like musicians, writers and artists.

These poses are a collection from my most recent video on YouTube. CLICK on the video above if you would like to take the full 10 minute practice alongside with me.

1. Wrist Flexor Stretch

Start in your table top positon on hands and knees. Rotate both hands so that the fingertips point towards your knees. Spread the fingers wide and slowly shift your weight back until you feel a stretch that you can comfortably hold.

Hold for 1 – 2 minutes.

2. Wrist Extensor Stretch

From table top pose, flip your hands so that the back of your hands is now flat on the ground and the fingertips pointing towards your knee. Keep the fingers spreading wide. Slowly shift your weight back and allow the back of your hands to lift off the ground, while keeping your knuckles and fingers on the ground. 

Hold for 1 – 2 minutes.

3. Reverse Prayer

Tuck the toes under and sit back onto your heels. If this is too much for you can also just sit crossed legged. Bring the palms together to touch behind your back and choose whether you want your fingertips to point down or flip the palms to have them point up.

Hold for 2 minutes and do some wrist rolls as a counterpose.

4. Side Wrist Stretch

Start by extending both arms out to the sides. Make two fists and then extend your knuckles towards the ground, as if you’re pouring something out of a big jug/pitcher. 

Hold for 1 – 2 minutes and release by shaking your hands. 

Thank you so much for practicing with me. If you enjoyed the poses and the video, please remember to subscribe to my YouTube Channel.




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