Relief the stress of the holiday season with this 20 min Yoga Nidra Meditation! 😌

This  Yoga Nidra practice is a resting meditation that will be done on your back lying down. It’s especially perfect to do during the holiday season from November to December, as this time of the year tends to be more stressful than others for most people. It’s also great if you need help falling asleep.

Yoga Nidra is also called the yogic sleep. It’s a restorative practice and it’s said that twenty minutes of Yoga Nidra is equivalent to about four hours of sleep! 😴 You want to make yourself as comfortable as possible: Gather a bolster for underneath the knees, blankets and pillows.

Head on to my YouTube-Channel by clicking on the video above, if you would like to take the full 20 minute guided experience alongside with me. Get ready to rest & restore!

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